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Keeping the Camp Upholstery Clean is Challenging

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Getting ready for the big camp can sometimes be challenging in itself.  You always get that feeling that you are missing something, pretty much like any trip.  You go over the checklist and it all seems to be there.  Of course, of all things to forget, the basic upholstery for the camp day.  This might include a chair, a camping bed, some pillows, maybe.  Depending on what type of camping you are going to, keeping the camp upholstery can prove to be a real challenge.  Here’s why.


You see how it is often difficult to keep your house upholstery clean?  Basically, you have to take care of dust particles trying to get into them and have to be cleaning it up as much as possible.  You have read entire websites on how to do this.  Now, picture this in a camp.  True, you are not spending much time in the outdoors but the time you will spend can actually be enough for your upholstery to start looking like a mess.

Inside your home, you usually do not have to deal with dust, other than the one people probably bring in on their shoes.  Probably most of what you are removing from your sofa, pillows, and carpet are dead skin cells from you, your family, and visitors.  Outside in the camp, you are fighting against more humidity and much more dust, so yes, it truly is a challenge to keep pretty much everything clean.


Once you have set up your camp under the trees and placed your chair on the dirt, it is time to enjoy.  Camping is an activity that is enjoyed the most if you engage into games and physical activity. This means that your beautiful camp chair, your pillows, and any other chair you brought might suffer in the process.  As mentioned before, there are much more dust particles out there but also there is a chance that your things will fall or be a victim of a very dirty camper.


The amount of humidity in the outdoors is significantly higher than in your house, of course. This increases the chances of your soft fabrics to grow mold and, therefore, reducing their life.  Getting rid of all the humidity and its consequences can truly be challenging.

What to do

Now, is there anything you can do about this?  You could try and be extra careful with what goes on during camp, or spend the whole activity salvaging all your upholstery from unconsidered campers that actually went to enjoy the outdoors.  You should just sit back and relax and plan to take care of your upholstery once you get back home.

You must know that you will probably need an expert hand to take care of the cleaning of your camp upholstery.  Hire the best cleaners in Yorkville to get the job done for you.  Get yourself into having the fun you were expecting at your camp!

The Best Pellet Gun to Use on a Rifle Range

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You are definitely aware that pellet guns vary. You can expect them to work similarly. Some are heavy, some are loud and some don’t enough capacity to shoot accurately. That’s the main reason why you have to get the right information before you decide on getting one for yourself.

rifle range2

One of the most common questions that we normally hear is that, what’s the best pellet gun to use at a range? What caliber should I choose? In order to help you decide and choose the best pellet gun to use when in a rifle range, here are some of the tips and ideas to read on.

Factors to Consider

The main key to finding the best pellet gun to use is to know how the important factors that makes a good one. Mainly, you need to consider the rifle stock and the material it is made. The most common is the well-made stock. Next is the caliber selection. In choosing the caliber for a pellet gun, there are three options. And each of them is unique when it comes to airgunning.

The best caliber option for target shooting and range is the .177 one. It is considered as the most popular and commonly used caliber these days. It is probably because most cities, .18 caliber and up is already considered a firearm which several laws apply. Next is to consider the pellet size. For some reason, many people don’t take it as an important factor. Yet, the kind of pellet and the size you’re using will create a different impact when you fire. Considering the quality of scope is also as important.

Some Pellet Gun Options

Here are some of the most common pellet guns to us in a rifle range:

Air Venturi Bronco

It is considered as on the best target gun. Its 2-pound two-stage trigger is excellent. And it’s relatively quiet that you can practice your skills without distressing your neighbors. It is cheaper that it won’t hurt your budget that much.

rifle range

Benjamin Trail NP XL1500

Not the usual spring rifle. This one uses a ­nitrogen-​filled gas ram. It is a powerful air gun with lesser noise. The only thing that you have to keep in mind is it’s not automatic, so you have to put extra cautiousness.

Pellet Gun Safety

There are more options that you can find in the market. You can get a complete list on the internet. Other than choosing the best pellet gun to use, it is important that you got the best idea about safety. Of course, you aren’t using a real firearm, but with its power and capacity, it can still be deadly. That’s the main reason why you have to be extra careful when handling air guns. The number one rule, keep it away from children.

It is also important that you get yourself conversant about air rifles. Before you even step into the rifle range, know the basics and make sure that you’re more than ready to aim and fire the gun!


Ping Pong is a Great Game Indoors and Out

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There are many reasons why ping pong is considered as one of the best games in almost every part of the world. It can be played by anyone, young and old. The best part is that, it can also be a great game both indoor and outdoor.

ping pong outside

Then what makes ping pong a great game? It would be great if we can take a closer look on some of the best things about the game.

Indoor or Outdoor

You probably can find a lot of ping pong tables around. Employers would often set up a ping pong table as a form of recreation and stress relievers for employees. Many families would prefer playing ping pong at home, setting up a good playing ground for the family.

The best thing about ping pong is it’s not an exclusive indoor game. It would work both for outdoor and indoor setup. Some people would have their ping pong table in the garage, the basement, the rooftop or it can also be in the garden outside the house.

Whether you want to put the best ping pong table inside or outside your home, the most important thing is to make sure that you choose the right kind of table. You have to understand that outdoor ping pong tables are of best quality and made of hard materials. That is to resist the effects of nature like rain, snow and even too much heat of the sun.

Therefore, it is more important to decide beforehand whether you want it outside or inside. Of course, ping pong table can be moved wherever you want to play. Yet you always have to consider how capable your table to deal the outside trouble.

Playing the Game

Playing the game indoor and outdoor also have some factors to consider. When playing outdoors, you definitely have to deal with the wind and all other disturbances around. However, playing outside will give you a wider area to run for shots without getting bumped into a wall. It gives you the flexibility of play anywhere you want.

When playing indoors on the other hand, you don’t have to be concerned about the weather. All Ping pong competitions are being held indoors. So when you’re planning to compete, you don’t have worry about the wind or anything that would cause you to lose your concentration.

ping pong inside

Ping Pong is absolutely a perfect game for the family. It’s a great way to get together and share the fun of playing. Often for family fun, ping pong tables are set up on the rooftop or in the garden area, which can be a great place to play with the entire family around.

Why Ping Pong?

You have to understand why choosing ping pong is way better that any other games. It is known to offer a lot of benefits. First is to improve your cardio power. Running for shots will definitely help you to stay fit and healthy. It can even help you to lose weight. Above all, it can be a perfect game if you want to stay away from all the stresses of life!


Kids Love Our Pet Labradoodle ‘Sparky’ at Camp

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Going on camps is not new for our family. If all our schedules permit, we would go somewhere to camp. It’s the best bonding moments for us as a family. We would go in a place, away from home. Last year was different because we have with us our new family member, our Labradoodle Sparky.


Since we went to a camp with our dog, we definitely need to prepare differently. We still have to consider about his safety and comfort. Although we thought that it may not be that easy to have Sparky with us, it wasn’t the case. Our Labradoodle definitely is not that hard to take care.

A Labradoodle Pet

Since our Sparky is a Labradoodle, it makes a lot of sense why he’s such a good pet to bring on camps. It is a combination of a Lab and a poodle. That’s the main reason why this dog breed is such an intelligent and a highly sociable one. The Labradoodle are also so energetic and active, making them a perfect companion for some outdoor fun and adventure.

We decided to bring him at the camp because no one would attend to his needs when we’re not at home. Since he needs at least 2 hours of exercise every day, bringing him on camp is such a great idea. He can go for some long day walk and play with us.

Kids Love our Sparky

Another thing that we find amazing about Sparky is that kids around the camp absolutely love him. We didn’t have a hard time containing him because he seems to find a lot of new friends in the area. Many kids find him such an adorable dog.

Sparky has a cheerful nature. He never seems to run out of energy the entire day. He can even play with them until dark.  This dog breed is actually considered as one of the best to make as a pet. They’re harmless to kids because they’re so affection to people.


Get your Own Labradoodle

There’s definitely a lot of the reason why many kids love our pet Labradoodle. The breed itself, a combination of lab and poodle seems to create a perfect class. If you got interested in getting your own pet like our Sparky, there are just some things that you need to consider.

First is to find a reliable Labradoodle breeder. You can only be sure of getting the best quality breed if you got it from a trusted breeder. Consider the parents, they should be healthy and clear of any illnesses.

Our Overall Camp Experience

Probably this is one of the best camp experiences that our family has. Other than meeting other campers in the area, our new family member also was able to have his new found friends. We didn’t have any issues bringing him with us. It was such a great feeling to see Sparky enjoying the place as well. In our next camp plan, he’s definitely going to go with us again. Bring your Labradoodle in your next camping!

How to keep Your Feet Smelling Fresh Outdoors

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Unfortunately, not many people are actually aware of it, not until they smell something fishy or not until a friend will tell them, that their feet stink. That sounds like a total embarrassment isn’t it? In that case, if you’re staying outdoors most of the time, it’s time for you to think about keeping your feet smelling fresh at all times.


Keeping your feet smelling fresh outdoors is easy. And it doesn’t even take much of your time. It’s just about proper hygiene and using the right products to prevent it from stinking. Here are some of the easiest and proven effective methods to do that.

Personal Hygiene

Yes, you read it right. One way of keeping your feet from getting stinky is personal hygiene. Let’s face it. If you’re staying outdoors most of the time, either you go for hiking, train running, rock climbing, etc., you don’t get much time to think about your own personal hygiene.

When you’re outside, you sweat a lot, plus you’re wearing shoes. And you know what that means? It is bacterial growth, which is the main culprit in producing such foul stinky smell. Personal hygiene is about washing and cleaning your feet thoroughly. Before you wear clean socks and show, you can put some foot powder or foot spray and make sure your feet are completely dry.


It’s about the Shoes

You might not know it, but stinky smells often start from the shoes before it even spreads throughout your feet. If you’re wearing leather shoes often, and you’re staying outdoors almost the entire day and you’re exposed to the heat of the sun, then most likely your feet will stink. It would be a good idea to wear breathable outdoor shoes to let your feet breathe.

Another thing is to make sure that your shoes are regularly cleaned and washed. You may not know it, but this is very important. You have to make sure that you wear clean shoes. When washing your shoes, make sure that it’s completely dry when you wear it. Some are even using steamers and driers to make sure that the shoes are clean and bacteria free.

Maintain It

Maybe you’re out in the wild for about 8 hours or even more. And that period of time, bacteria are already starting to thrive. And it’s too late for you to do the cleaning at the end of the day. Maintaining a clean and fresh foot won’t take much of your time.

For instance, you’re going for a hike. Then you can at least take off your shoes when you’re resting, get some cotton and alcohol, then rub it against your feet to clean it up. That would give you a fresh and clean feeling. Add up some cool foot powder with deodorizer to seal the cleaning.

It’s your Responsibility

Obviously, if you want to have clean and fresh feet when you’re outdoors, you have to do something. No one can stop the bacteria from growing but you. It is your responsibility to clean, wash and take care of your feet. Remember, dirty feet stinks, and you can’t keep it as a secret forever!


Keeping the Camp Clean: Why We Use Prestige Services

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Often times, we just want to escape from the reality and go somewhere for a change of atmosphere.  And normally many of us would choose to go for a camp with the entire family. Whether you wanted to camp out near a stream, a beach or out in the forest, there’s always a great demand of cleanliness.

How can you keep the camp area clean? What are the things that you need to consider if you want to camp out in a clean and safer location? Do you really need the help of a reliable camp cleaning service professional?  In order to answer all the questions that you have in mind before you camp out, here are some of the best ideas to think about.

Camp Cleanliness Matters

In most cases, campers would not mind about the complete cleanliness of the area. However, you have to keep in mind that whenever you’re able to keep the cleanliness of the camp, everyone would benefit, including yourself. You can live with comfort, safe and with ease. It’s also a great way to keep the outdoor nature clean, which will also be beneficial for future campers.


Can you imagine staying in a place where you can find broken bottles, pieces of plastic wrappers scattering around and worse, used toilet papers? That will be the kind of trace that you all are probably going to leave behind if you don’t make the proper cleaning. If you find all those rubbish gross, then the others will definitely feel the same.

Prestige Cleaning Services

Apparently, camp cleaning is a tedious work.  You went out for a camp to enjoy, relax and stay away from all the toxic of the city life. And you’re probably not on your state of mind for cleaning. Then that’s where prestige services for camp cleaning can rescue you. You can have them assist you in doing all the cleaning jobs.

But, why prestige services? Since you might probably be cleaning out some junks and other debris in the camp location, then you don’t actually have the right tools and equipment to do so. You can go as simple as picking some garbage, but not cleaning out the entire area meticulously.  Hiring a prestige cleaning service professional will guarantee proper cleaning.


Do your Part

There are cleaning jobs that you certainly need the assistance of the professionals. However, you can always do your part. And your part is to do simple ways to help keeping the camp clean. Such as putting a trash can and making sure to put all your trashes inside. Your wash areas should also be kept clean and probably away from the resting area.

You can always seek the help of the best camp cleaning services, yet you also have a part in keeping the camp area clean and safe for everyone. Cleanliness always starts from us. We can always enjoy the outdoors, relax and have fun away from all the strain and the stress of life. If you decide to camp with your loved ones, always think about your safety and protection. That way, you’ll get the best enjoyment that you wanted!

Best Outdoor Family Activities

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Outdoor activities are surely fun. There are a lot of opportunities to create and fun things to do. You can hike, walk, play, socialize, bond and more. Outdoor activities are a great way to build stamina, especially those physically intensive ones. It will also improve socialization as most outdoor activities require consistent communication with one another and by the way, it can also improve family bond. And if your family wants to make sure that they stay fit all the time, then, outdoor activities are the sure way to go. Plus, the last but definitely not the least, you can appreciate outdoor views, scenery and keep in mind that Mother Nature is a beautiful place and scenery that everyone can enjoy. Now, without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the best outdoor family activities.


This is a great way to develop the green thumb your kids might have. In addition to that, you will not only have a good time planting all kinds of plants, you can have a beautiful backyard that can be of help when you need a certain plant that you planted during summer.

Water Balloon Fight

This is a fun way to keep cool during summer. This is an absolute heat killer, as you would be throwing water balloons to one another. Though it might require some setup, you will have loads of fun. Get ready to find out who’s the best!

Treehouse Building

If your kids want to have a treehouse, perhaps it is the time to build one. During summer, there is a great opportunity to create an excellent treehouse with your kids. Not only it will keep everyone busy, it will also be a great learning experience.

Puddle Jumping

This is a great way to have fun during rainy seasons. Get some old clothes and a pair of galoshes and enjoy the puddles! Just make sure to wash up after playing with the rain.

Take a Hike

There is a lot of adventure waiting in the outdoor world; all you need to do is to explore it. You’ve got a whole summer to explore it, if it’s summer time. Let the children explore the outdoor, woods and even mountains. Take a walk outside and let our primitive instincts run wild.

Pool and/or Beach

This is always one of the number one requests that kids will tell you. The pool is one of the best destinations that you can visit. There are always a lot of activities that you can do, from swimming, playing ball and more. The beach on the other hand is closer to nature and you can even explore a lot of places by the seaside. If there’s a fishing spot, it’s going to be good activity too.

Best Outdoor Sports

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Outdoor sports are sure one of the best activities that’s not only fun, it’s also a great exercise for the whole family. This will also enable you to connect with your family members and enjoy bonding time together. Outdoor sports are a great way to keep your family together, healthier and happy. If you don’t have a family yet or if you prefer to be a lone wolf, it will still greatly benefit you. You won’t only get to enjoy outdoor scenery; you’ll also be able to improve your mood and physical fitness. With that in mind, we are going to take a look at some of the best outdoor sports.

Cross Country Skiing

Cross Country Skiing is a winter outdoor sports activity that combines skiing and hiking. This is a great way to keep yourself active even during winter season. This outdoor winter sport will give you an all-around aerobic workout that will strengthen your stamina and heart. This activity will incorporate shoulder, back, core, chest and legs, which could burn around 600 calories per hour.

Baseball and Softball

This is arguably a fun and great outdoor sport. This has been a favorite game for more than a century and during the earlier times, boys and girls dreamt of becoming a baseball star. This outdoor sport is great to play during sunny days. This will improve your physical strength, hand-eye coordination and balance. This will also strengthen stamina and arm muscles. In addition to that, this is a great team sports that can develop leadership, discipline, teamwork and citizenship.


This is one of the best outdoor sports because of the simplicity of strapping your backpack and hitting on a trail. Choose from a single day to a multiday expedition that will enable you to enjoy outdoors. This is a great recreational exercise that will allow you to strengthen lower body strength and stamina. This outdoor activity can burn at least 600 calories per hour.


As a kid, you probably learned how to ride a bike as this is quite some kind of a rite of passage for young ones. But cycling can provide you with a lifetime of benefits. You can take your bike on a paved road or go to an extreme off road trail to experience the beauty of mountains or forests. This can burn at least 400 calories per hour while building lower body strength, balance, coordination and cardio.


Probably the most classic outdoor sports in this list and can be easily done by a group or individual. This is one of the best form of exercise for building endurance. This requires minimal equipment and training, so it’s family friendly. If you can run at 8 mph, you can burn at least a massive 1,000 calories per hour.