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Bryn Dina Bunk House

Fishing with a Group

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As you may already know, fishing is one of the most relaxing, fun, interesting, and challenging sports. It combines the raw elements of the great outdoors with technology developed in urban centers, and better yet, you can go fishing either alone to get away from it all, or head out with a group to enjoy some leisure time together.

At Bryn Dina’s Bunk House, we are certainly well poised to provide you and your group or family with a great fishing experience. We have access to some great little ponds that are perfect to get started on. For those who want a bigger challenge (and bigger fish), some of the river systems nearby, as well as lakes, provide some excellent opportunities to land a beautiful trophy! Just be warned, these more challenging spots do require some hiking to get to (between 2-5km each way depending on the spot), so if you’re heading out to enjoy one of these locations, please plan ahead for some foot travel.

Tips for Fishing in Groups

Our Property

Most of the groups who join us for a day or weekend of fishing are usually families, but we welcome any sort of group. The main reason families tend to join us more is because of the variety of other activities you can participate in at the Bunk House, as well as the beginner ponds located on property. The beginner ponds shouldn’t just be reserved for kids, but really anyone who wants to pick up the sport of fishing. It’s a non-intimidating environment, and having amenities on site helps make the learning process much more comfortable. Once the beginners feel ok with moving on to a more authentic fishing spot, they are welcome to do so as long as they are accompanied by another person. We also kindly ask that you sign in and out when traveling to one of our more remote fishing spots, just so we can make sure everyone comes back before dark, and if not, we will know where to look for you!

Bringing the Kids

Kids are more than welcome at the Bunk House! Most seem to really enjoy using the pond for fishing, and if they get bored or distracted, there are lots of other fun activities to explore as well! However, for those children who are a little more motivated to get out in the wilderness for a true fishing experience, we have our maps laid out according to distance, terrain that you will be traveling over, and type of fishing. The most remote locations are not recommended for children under 12, but we personally find the closer spots are just as good.


We do have some rods and reels of different sizes available for rent here at the Bunk House, but please check in ahead of time to book your sets. We only have a limited number, and while we usually have enough on any given day, there have been a few rare instances when fishing has been extra popular and we run out for the day. None of our equipment is considered elite or specialized, but they are good all-around rods for day or weekend use.

As for other fishing equipment, we do have a few different types of fishing line here, but these are for purchase, not rent. The reels on our rods will be pre-spooled, so anything on the spool is free for you to use, but if you want extra we suggest either bringing some extra line or purchasing some when you get here.

In regards to bait and lures, we do not supply either, but please feel free to bring your own. There is also a bait shop about 1 mile away from the Bunk House, so you can grab some on your way in or take a trip out if necessary. Also, don’t forget that worms are a great selection for bait! If you run out or don’t have the means to get to a bait shop on time, lift up some rocks or do a little digging in the dirt and you will surely find some usable bait to try out! We do have some hooks for sale, so if you’re in a pinch for those we can help you out.

Teaming Up with Other Groups or Families

If this doesn’t sound appealing to you, we don’t blame you. If you came to get away from it all, maybe spending time with other parents and children isn’t your cup of tea. That said, we do feel we should mention that groups who team up typically have a great time. You can learn a lot from other fishermen and their styles, strategies, and preferences, and it can make it a great social experience for the kids. Even the adults get more out of it than they think.

For example, last Fall we had a seasoned angler come out with his family and he was having some fun teaching his kids how to fish. Another family joined them, and both the mother and father of that family were avid fishermen. They all tried out each other’s equipment, and when we caught up with the first father we mentioned later in the year, he mentioned how he had started fishing with an ultralight spinning reel much more often after trying out the other folks’ equipment. He’s been having a blast with it ever since!

Plan Ahead for the Weather

The last thing we would like to mention is to plan ahead for poor weather condition. This can consist of two main trains of thought. First, you can plan ahead and think of other activities you would like to do at the Bunk House if it’s raining (we have a lot of indoor activities and covered outdoor spaces). Second, and in our opinion most underrated, is to plan ahead apparel and equipment-wise. I’m a little bias on this point, as I have had some of my best luck fishing when it has been raining. Plus, experiencing all of the elements of the outdoors can be a lot of fun, and heading back to the Bunk House after for a hot coffee/chocolate, a fire, and some night caps can make it all worth it!


That’s it! Whether it’s with us, on your own, or at a different location, we hope you have a great time fishing. Good luck, and don’t let the big one get away!

Summer Camp Water Activities

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Summer camp is a joy for both kids and adults! Especially for kids as they know that it means that it’ll all be about fun and games till you drop! Worried about expenses? You shouldn’t! You don’t need to go to an expensive camp just to have a blast this summer! There are so many activities that you can do with your friends and families without the need to sign up to expensive summer camps. Here are some summer water camp activities that you and your kids can enjoy!


Swimming is the number one summer activity for everyone. When summer comes, everyone’s mind will imagine the beach and of course, no beach visit is complete without swimming.

Swimming is not only a great and fun recreational activity, it’s also a good workout for everyone. It combines cardio and strength training and it’s also low-impact, which means no matter your age and fitness level, you can get started with swimming.

Kids also love it! If your kid doesn’t know how to swim yet, it’s about time they learn! Like what we pointed earlier, swimming is a great way to get fit and doing it regularly can have significant benefits for your kid’s health and safety.

Overall, swimming is a fun way to cool off during summer while also keeping you physically fit. Working out has never been so fun!


If you don’t want to get totally wet, but still want to enjoy summer water activities, then fishing is for you. Fishing is simple. You bait your hook and then cast. Then the wait for a fish to bite the bait begins, and once a fish took the bait, it’s time to haul it in! Seems simple? Only those who haven’t experienced fishing yet can say that!

Nothing beats the exhilarating feeling of a wiggling rod! The joy of catching a fish for the first time, especially for a kid can be overwhelming.

Fishing is also a great way to enjoy a breathtaking scenery while relaxing and waiting for your big catch. It can also help you relieve your stress.


This is quite an extreme one compared to the others here. But contrary to popular belief, it doesn’t take an athletic figure to get started in wakeboarding but be warned that you will fall a lot, but it’s a lot of fun!

If you are not that physically fit, then wakeboarding will help you develop strong body, particularly strong arm, and leg muscles. It will also improve your reaction times and help develop hand to eye coordination.

Before you begin, if you are a total beginner, I advise that you learn hand signals to the boat. It’s one of the most important in terms of safety in wakeboarding.


Coming face to face with nature has never been so fun! Snorkeling is a great way to observe undersea life. You will be able to see and perhaps even swim with turtles, fishes, manta rays and more! You can also admire coral reefs and other underwater formations.

The first time we did it, we thought that it was scary! But when we actually tried it out, it’s an out of this world experience! Being able to swim with a massive amount of fish, see different species of underwater creatures makes you appreciate nature more and gives a feeling of awe.

Ever since then, we have snorkeling fins and masks with us every time we go on a vacation to a location near beaches and bodies of water, just in case we can snorkel.

Of all the summer camp water activities in this list, snorkeling is probably the most extraordinary and we highly recommend you to try it at least once. Don’t forget reef safe sunscreen – to keep your skin and the reefs safe.