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Bryn Dina Bunk House

VIsit our camp virtually with our new 3D photo tour!

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Would you like to come visit our camp without even coming?  Well, now you can!  We have made a pretty cool innovation to our website.  Via a 3D photo tour, it is as if you were coming to our camp.  We believe this is a pretty amazing tool that you will all enjoy.

What is a 3D Photo Tour

A 3D Photo Tour is a photographic image that allows you to move the picture around in order to see all dimensions of a space.  It is really great since it allows you to navigate freely and from the comfort of your home.  In other words, this is a 360° panoramic picture.

Using your cursor or your finger, you can now visit our camp without even coming to it.  So now you can merely grab a seat, get some cookies and milk (careful not to spill it over your laptop!) and enjoy the tour.  While you are at it, we invite you to go over each feature and picture yourself in it.  It will surely be a pleasant experience.

Benefits of a 3D Photo Tour

Let´s outline the many benefits that you get when you visit our camp via 3D Photo Tour:

  • A more stunning visual experience than what you get with normal photography.  Instead of having only one section of the camp, you get to have the whole experience at your own will.
  • You can actually move the photo to whatever part of the camp you like.  This allows you to experience every part all the time you want.  You can virtually just now stand and stare at something all the time you want without looking weird or creepy.  ¿Are you a father concerned with the hygiene of the girl´s room?  You can go in now without feeling guilty!
  • Saving money is very important as well.  Our 3D Photo Tour experience allows you to avoid costs of having to come over.  Plus, if you are sending your kids, you don´t have to get off and walk around all over the camp inspecting, while dropping bullying bombs on your kids.
  • As another plus for you, this places more pressure on us since as we need to commit to offering you the great experience that you expect from what you saw on the photography.

What to expect

There are many more exciting things coming to our website.  This 3D photography tour definitively offers you an experience that makes us proud of our excellent services.  Once again, you can expect equal quality in our facilities as well as our service.

We believe that the decision of hiring the best Real Estate Photography service was the best decision.  We have had a better response from the audiences since we added our photography tour.

How focusing on SEO caused a 50% increase in new camp signups

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We had heard about what SEO is about but we never thought it could apply to us.  But when the idea was presented to us, we thought, why not?  Now we believe it was a great idea.

Where we were

We were getting a decent amount of sign ups.  But then we thought we were not getting enough.  Our camp is a decent one and we saw that our demographics were wide.  This means that the number of people we were able to reach was enough to make more profit, even when it was a very little percentage of the surrounding population.

When we started this process, we had to put down our numbers.  Not that they were bleak but then it was not what we had aimed for when we started this business.  We were hardly sustainable and we were ambitious for more.

Where we wanted to be

So, we started to delve a little more into SEO.  But we first started with setting goals.  But we went very strategically.  Because you see, one important thing that we learned is that the strategy that probably worked for one company, will not necessarily work for us.  We had to give it a more scientific approach.

We set the goal of increasing the number of signups to our camp by 75% in ninety days.  Yes, it was ambitious but not reckless.  We set that amount after breaking it into parts and deciding how many subscribers we should get by week in order to get there.

Our move

When we realized what people were looking into, we decide to go and check what were the terms that people usually search for when looking for camping options.  Then our almost abandoned website started to get some “pimpin'”.  We hired a web developer.  We came to an interesting agreement with him, actually.

Using the keywords we had collected and analyzed through analytics tools, we started to create content that we thought would help our newly furbished website rank in searches.  We really wanted to go organic on this one so we focused our efforts on creating the most amazing content. Things that people would actually relate to and share.

So, we went on using our SEO increasing as more traffic was generated.  We even got some backlinks here and there.  It was truly an awesome experience.

Where we are now

In ninety days time, we were able to increase our signups more than 50%.  It was not the desired 75% but this experience allowed us to get there more smoothly in the future.  Our experience with SEO optimization has helped us face the future with a better attitude.

If you wish to have professional information and help regarding a marketing strategy for your business, the best SEO Vancouver can help you.  You will be getting nice and unexpected results quicker than you think.

Check out the new outdoor fireplace we installed by the bunkhouse cafeteria!

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DIY projects are always a lot of fun. If your good with your hand sand like a challenge then they’re little better than an outdoor project that will get everyone involved. This summer we decided to add something extra to our bunkhouse cafeteria that would really make it a special place. After some thought, we finally decided on an outdoor fireplace.

It would provide the perfect setting for bringing everyone around while allowing us to stay warm on late nights when those temperatures can really drop. If you’re also thinking of something to add to your home then I couldn’t recommend this project enough. Just know that unless you have experiences with masonry projects and the right tools you’re going to run into a lot of problems and waste a great deal of time and effort. I would recommend Centuria Masonry for all masonry projects in the Vancouver area. Fortunately, a few of us had the expertise to carry it out ourselves. Read on to see how we did it

Step 1. Clearing and setting the foundations

Once we’d chosen the location and cleared the area we began digging to lay the foundations. Since it would be near the bunkhouse the chimney would need to reach high and be built solid for safety. Laying deep foundations so was vital. The higher you build, the more solid the foundations must be, as the fireplace will be really heavy.

Step 2. Set the base and build the firebox

With a strong foundation set, we next began to lay a base on which to construct the firebox. A solid block of 4″ was enough. Once set we began on the bricklaying. When setting firebricks, it’s very important that they are kept level and square so it looks right.

Step 3. Building the throat

This was a tricky part and where previous masonry experience really showed. The opening needs to be closed off to form the exit for the flue. By cobbling the bricks, we closed it off until we were left with a small opening. We used a steel angle iron to hold the bricks in place while the mortar set.

Step 4. Raising the flute

Once the mortar was set we began on the flute. We placed our first liner in a bed of mortar and slid the flute over it. This was repeated until we had the desired height.

Step 5. Set the stones

We all had fun with this part. We had already selected the stones to use and began to the process of setting them up around the fireplace. We wanted a natural look to suit the surroundings so we only used stone rather than bricks. Each one was set in mortar and then stacked together. One stone over two and two over one. All the spaces between the stones were filled with mortar to make it as solid as possible. Once the mortar has set it was raked from the joints and the stones polished smooth so they looked as natural as possible.

Cold nights aren’t so cold now with our new fireplace. It’s proven a magnet for everyone not to mention bonding us better from completing a project together.

Teaching Kids to Use Bows at Camp Can be Challenging

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As kids are more and more attached to electronic gadget, it has become more challenging to get them to enjoy the outdoors. Archery instructors will tell you that it has become more difficult to teach kids to use the bow at camps. Despite best bow reviews, the challenge goes on and there seems to be no way you can get their attention from the gadgets.

When the outdoor has to compete with technology, the gadget is sure to win. While technology is not bad perse, its common knowledge that kids don’t spend half the time their parents did outdoors. What are the chances that kids these days don’t know anything about the best single pin bow sight?

But despite the difficulty, its important to teach your kids bow hunting. If you want to teach them how to hunt for food instead of just buying from the grocery store, or if you want to teach them about meat conservation, bow hunting is the way to go.

Archery Games to the Rescue

To make kids interested in archery, some camps employ the concept of archery games. While maintaining bow safety, camps make it a point to make training fun for the kids. This way, they have a better chance at competing with electronic gadgets in capturing and maintaining the attention of the kids.

Archery games allow kids to learn the intricacies of the sport before they are old enough to try the real world bow hunting. They will also be exposed to the men and women who make a living bow hunting who are more than willing to share their experience with the sport that they love. They also offer mentoring to make your kids learning experience faster and exciting.

Although it can be challenging to teach your kids at the camp, there are creative ways to make them love archery and bow hunting and spend some time outdoors. While gadgets are not that bad perse, kids need to spend time outdoors and produce some sweat. This way, they can avoid illenesses associated with over eating and sedentary lifestyle.

Expose your kids to archery and see the positive result it will give their lives. They will learn an exciting real world sports, they will also develop real world skills. Ask from the nearest camp near you of game schedule or training schedule and enroll your kids.

Why Kids should try Kneeboarding instead of Wakeboarding

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Looking for a great fun activity for your kids this summer season? There are too many water sports activity to try out there. Many people are into wakeboarding.  However if your kid is just starting out to learn a water sport, kneeboarding is a good one to start.

In order for you to understand why letting your kid try kneeboarding is better than wakeboarding, let’s check out what’s really the deal between these two awesome water sporting activity.

Why Kneeboarding?

If it’s for your kids to try the first time, kneeboarding is much easier to learn. Unlike wakeboarding, where a good sense of balance and strength is needed to balance yourself on top of the board. Kneeboarding is super easy because the kids will only need to sit, in a somewhat kneeling position, while holding on the rope handle. It is easier to balance and to keep themselves from falling.

The board used for kneeboarding even built with tow hooks as a handle that can be used to keep themselves stable on top the moment the boat starts to move. When starting out, it is important that you make arrangement for someone with a motor boat to use and always check out is the wake of boat works for kneeboarding.  I Got A Boat has tons of suggestions for you to check out.

Kneeboarding Tips and Ideas

Before you even get to let your kids try kneeboarding, make sure to make him ready enough for it. Not only physically but mentally as well. Though it may be a lot easier than wakeboarding, it can be challenging at first. There might be a need to have him attend a simple class to teach him the basics. You can find some professional kneeboarding enthusiast that will be able to assist him to get started.

It is also important that you think more about safety. You might also need to provide your kid with proper clothing and gear to make sure that he’s good to go on his first kneeboarding adventure. Helmet, gloves is possible, life vest, etc. Remember that safety is always important when it comes to any water sporting activity.

It would be important as well if you’d be there to cheer him up. Other than an instructor to guide him, your support is even more important. Someone will be able to assist him with all the in and outs of kneeboarding, but your presence might give him more push. Then you can slightly disappear if you think he’s already getting it.

Water Sports for Kids

It is important that we let the kids do some water sporting activity at an early age. It will make them become more competitive as they grow. It’s also a good form of exercise to keep them active and healthy. It’s also a good way to make them more sociable and would be able to gain more friends over time.

So instead of wakeboarding, let him get started with kneeboarding for a simple yet fun water sports adventure this coming summer.


How professional business photos increased our camp attendance

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Every time we go camping, we get hundreds of pictures from our camp attendees.  This is one moment in a lifetime that everyone wants to remember and capture.  All the adventures, the activities, the startling moments, the learning, everything.  As camp organizers, there were two things that we realized:

  1. In general, people loves to camp and take pictures of it to relive the moments.
  2. Not many people come to camp (at least not as many as we wish), either because they don´t know about it or they simply don´t see themselves signing up for one.

So there we had two situations that had called our attention.  We then envisioned that tackling these two would bring about a pretty favorable outcome:  more camp attendees.

The Plan

So we sat down at the planning table.  The first thing to do was think about the photography.  Our first idea was to simply pull out our phone, or our finest photographic camera at best and take pictures of the events and place them online.

It was funny but we noticed how pictures on websites looked so lavish and it seemed to be that no matter how we placed them or ourselves, pictures simply did not look enthralling.  Plus, we already had such lousy pictures and they did not make the site look professional, at all.

So then we decided that we should try a professional real estate photography to help us.  At first, it felt like a long shot and a risk.  However, we would soon learn that it was a great leap.

The execution

So we hired a professional photographer to take photos on our next camp.  We bargained an exceptional deal and along he came with us to camp.  When we saw the pics, we were mesmerized.  The quality of these photos was a far cry from what we had been handling.

Once camp was over, we decided to remove the execrable ones we had taken.  Now, all we had to do was use these photos for our social media.  We used one of all camp attendees as our Facebook banner picture.  We placed some promotional art on the others and we basically poured out everything there.  Our Instagram had never seen so crispy before!

The Result

We first began to notice that our Instagram was getting more likes. The impact caused by these glossy pics was actually interesting.  Our faithful followers and campers were nice enough to give us good comments.  It is amazing what that kind of UGC can do to your brand.

Our pleasant surprise was that on our next camp, we had a 27% increase in our attendees.   This spiked up to 36% the next time.  We were sufficiently satisfied with the results to hire a real estate photography service again.

Fun Outdoor Activities for Groups

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Going outdoors with some of your friends or with your entire family is a total fun. Can you imagine how much fun you can make when you can do tons of activities outdoors are a group?

There are too many activities that you can do when you’re out there. You just have to make sure about some things such as the location you’re in, the stuff that you need to bring and the people who would be playing the game. If you want to have the most awesome fun activities outdoors, it is important that you make some planning and make a good list of some of the options. That way you are able to prepare if you need to bring some equipment with you.

Fun Outdoor Activities

Consider you all are adults. Then let’s check out some of the best activities that you all can do.

If you are into some extreme sports and since you’re also probably out there for a camp, playing a tomahawk throwing game is one of your options. This is even very common for hunters, campers and outdoors enthusiasts. You just have to bring some good military tomahawks and axes that you can use. Just be sure that everyone is up for it and put safety first.

For sports enthusiasts, you can also play some great ball sports activities such as football, volleyball and baseball. Since it would require a good number of players, it would perfectly for group campers. With these activities however, you will need to bring some equipment with you to play the game. So you need to decide before you even step out of the house.

If you are with your entire family, and that would mean you have your little ones with you, then you need to plan out for a different kinds of games and activities. There are so many outdoor activities that you can do as a group, while letting the kids to join the fun. Some of the activities that you can do are capture the flag, sack race, hide and seek, tug of war. There are still tons of them out there. Write them all, and see which ones to play and prepare the tools and equipment that you need to bring.

Outdoor Fun

You sure know that going outdoors or for a camp with your entire family and group is great. The outdoors offer a lot of fun. And it’s up for you to make the most out of it. If you also wanted to have the most amazing outdoor adventure, it is important that you think about safety as well. If possible, bring with you some stuff that would help you along the way. You can get more ideas from if you need to.

It’s always fun to be outdoors. As long you make the most appropriate preparation, you shouldn’t be missing anything. Make the most out of you outdoor experience. Something that you might look forward to and the group. Pick out some of the best and fun activities that you can do today.


Tips for Target Shooting at Summer Camp

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One of the most popular summer camp activity for men and young men is target shooting. Obviously boys love shooting. It doesn’t matter if it is your first time to do it or you’ve been doing it for years, you still have to make sure that you plan it right and make sure that things will go smoothly and trouble-free.

If you are planning to do some target shooting this coming summer, then probably it’s time to do some refreshers on how to have the best target shooting experience. Let’s take a closer look on some of the latest and the most effective tips to having a fun and a most unforgettable target shooting activity.

Things to Remember

Before you even get too excited about going out there and do target shooting, you might want to think about having the most ideal air rifle. You can find a lot of options everywhere and a site like also provides better information about how you are able to find the best air rifle for you. Keep in mind that not all rifles are made equal. You’ve got to consider several factors such as the rate of fire, calibre, and shooting power. Especially when you’re playing with your kid.

Safety is another thing that you can’t take for granted. Air rifles aren’t as deadly as the real ones, but they can still hurt, like a lot. Making sure that you set your rifle to safety when not in use. Also know the basic rules when handling an air rifle. Another thing that affects your safety when target shooting is the area or the shooting range you are in. You need make sure that you get everything set up properly, thus, avoiding ricochets.

Target Shooting

Target shooting is such a great outdoor activity, it is fun and very challenging. That’s probably the reason that more and more people are getting into it. Even the younger generations are getting interested with it. If you have kids who are actually wanting to try it. Then you might want to have them attend some basic shooting classes and training to be able to let them learn the basic of shooting as well as handling of air rifles.

Always remember that practice is the key to become the best of anything. Before you even get out there and do some target shooting activity, practice your shooting skills and ability. You can’t just go out there and shoot your first shot and expect that you do it right. Practice may not make it perfect, but it can avoid some mischief to occur.

If you are a beginner and just starting out with target shooting, you can always ask the seasoned target shooters for suggestions and recommendations. It would be great if you can find a good mentor to teach you along the way and give you the best ideas how to be the best with it. You can also check out online for some great articles and videos to help you learn day by day and become the best target shooter.







The Best Beer Games to Play while Camping

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You know what’s one that would complete your camping experience with your friends this summer? That’s playing the best beer games ever. If it’s for adult only camping, then bringing lots of beer can be awesome. There’s no problem bringing some indoor activities outdoors. That would even mean real fun.


Enjoying ice cold beer while camping is probably one of the top favourites all over the world. But if you wanted to have more fun and would want to make it more challenging, playing some great beer games should be on your list. And there are a lot of games to choose from.

Beer Fun

It’s probably very safe to say that no one would say no to an ice cold beer. Drinking beer is probably very common in almost every part of the world. Beer aren’t as strong as other hard drinks. Thus, anyone can take it in much quantity without getting too drunk. That’s also the reason why many people who are looking for fun and challenges are using the beer to play some games.

The fun that you get when you play beer games is probably doubled. If you are competitive and looking for some exciting challenge and you love drinking beer at the same time, then you probably want to start making a good list of the best beer games that you can play ion your next camping trip.

Beer Games

There are too many beer games that you are able to play when you’re out in a camp. Following are some of them that you can consider.


Drink or Dare

This is probably one of the easiest beer game to play. You don’t need any equipment to play the game. This is also great if you’re with your closest friends. Asking questions and instead of having them squeal the truth, you only give him the option to either drink or dare to do something.

Beer Pong

This game would require you to set up a table and prepare several cups and a ping pong ball. It can even be more challenging because the game will be played by two teams trying to get the ping pong ball on the cup on other side of the table. And the drinking spree will start as soon as the other side get the ball inside the cup.

Kings Cup

With this game, all you need is arrange the cups in circles, and use an empty beer bottle. You can ask questions and as a punishment, the person has to drink wherever the bottle points. There are too many versions of this. You can always make your own rules to make it even more fun.

Those are just some of the best beer games that you can play. Yet you can always make up your own. Create your own rules and make a bit of alterations from the basic beer games to add more fun and challenge to the game. Start making a list of the best beer games to play if you are planning to go for a camp with your friends.

Why Kids Love Fishing So Much at Camp

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The exhilaration of a vibrating fishing rod and seeing a fish dangling at the end of the best fishing lure, this is what drives kids crazy at camp! At Flannel Fishermen, we encourage kids to go fishing and enjoy the outdoors and not just slump on the coach and play with their gadgets because we believe every kid should spend time under the sun.

Kids actually love the outdoor once they are exposed to it. The realize that they are loosing a lot of things when they just focused on their gadgets. Parents also realize that this is a good thing for their kids because it improves their health being exposed to fresh air and exercise outdoors. So how do you choose an outdoors and fishing camp? Here are some tips.

Tips in Choosing a Fishing Camp

Choosing a good camp for you kids is a bit of a challenge. You have to think of their safety, after all it is a new activity for them. So here are the tips in order to choose the best camp for your kids.

  1. Know their activities they offer—Different camps have different sets of activities for your kids. This is particularly true if your kids have no prior fishing experience. You have to know what activities they offer and if it is fit for the age of your kids.
  2. Know their reputation—When the safety of your kids is the issue, you have to know the reputation of the camp that you’re interested in. Ask other parents who have sent their kids to camp and ask their take on the matter. You can also research their reputation online and go to forums and ask for those who have their experience.
  3. Know the trainings they offer—What trainings are they offering? Casting a line can be difficult for an inexperienced kids so they need to know that first. If your child is a complete beginner, you have to take him or her to a more basic training camp.
  4. Know when they will actually fish—You child can’t just keep on training, he or she has to get to fish. You have to know if the training offers actual fishing activity.

This tips will ensure that your kids will find a new hobby in fishing and that you can find a good camp for them to get started. Teaching your kids to fish will not only let them appreciate the outdoors, they will learn a skill for life.